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Redbreast 1991 All Sherry


This is an all-sherry cask laid down in 1991 especially for “The Friend at Hand” in Belfast. Renowned as having the largest collection of Irish whiskey in the world, The Friend at Hand is Ireland’s go-to whiskey shop where you will find the country’s experts debating over their favourite drams. The team at Redbreast selected one of their favourite whiskeys, laid it into a first-fill Oloroso cask, and allowed it to mature uninterrupted for 25 years. They then put it into 600 bottles. 552 of those bottles were delivered to the shop in Belfast, while 48 made a detour to Japan!

Our experts say: The nose is rich and woody with muted spices, coffee beans, dried apple and banana chips, raisins, and hints of liquorice and vanilla. The taste is thick, mouth-puckering and dry, but with a good balance of clove spiciness, dried fruits, and with a hint of plums, vanilla, and oak. The finish is lingering, dry and woody with subtle touches of dried fruits.
We could write an essay on this liquid but it speaks for itself. Probably the best whiskey to come out of Ireland. Ever.

700㎖・ alc.53%

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