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Knappogue 1951 (Price on application)

This is one of the oldest and rarest Irish whiskeys in the world. This highly distinctive single malt was distilled in 1951 and aged in sherry casks for 36 years. Only a fortunate few are lucky enough to own one of these bottles and it is the ultimate collector’s item. When Mark Edwin Andrews returned to the land of his ancestors, he bought Knappogue Castle; he also bought some of the region’s best whiskeys. The castle cellars were the ideal place to mature these and his favourite cask went untouched until 1987 when he bottled it, unleashing one of the most interesting spirits Ireland has ever produced.

Our experts say: A real mix of flavour profiles, this is a rich whisky unlike anything we have seen elsewhere. Some see this bordering on the dark rum category, as there is definitely a hint of molasses, liquorice and soft honey on the nose. It’s about as complex as Irish whiskey gets. Hints of malt, but also bananas, coconut, and some biscuit undertones. A beautiful bouquet on the finish featuring green apples and a slightly smoke influence fading back into the soft honey.

750㎖・ alc.40%

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