Uisce Beatha

Water of Life

Uisce Beatha is an ancient Gaelic expression that translates into “Water of Life”.

The Gaelic language is one of the oldest in the world and is native to both Ireland and Scotland.

The Irish hold their whiskey in such high esteem that they attributed this name, with its connotations of vitality and necessity, to their golden liquid.

Our love lies with Irish whiskey

Irish whiskey is always spelled using 'ey'

The Scottish Gaelic version is spelled uisge-beatha and is pronounced slightly differently.

Irish whiskey is always spelled using 'ey'. Scotch is spelled with just “y” at the end – whisky.

Our love lies with Irish whiskey, its origins, and its history that is as old as the language of Uisce Beatha. Irish whiskey has had a significant impact on its Scottish brothers, and as a result, on its distant Japanese cousins.

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